Holistic Wisdom: Ayurvedic Consultation & Wellness Wheel Insight


Session 1: Mind-Body Constitution Revelation (Approx. 90 mins)

🌿 In-Depth Ayurvedic Assessment: Explore the depths of your mind-body constitution (Prakruti) with our comprehensive Ayurvedic assessment. Dr. Mayssam Mounir will guide you through an insightful examination, unraveling the unique elements that shape your holistic well-being.
✨ Holistic Insights into Imbalances (Vikruti): Identify and understand imbalances within your mind-body system through a detailed diagnosis (Vikruti). Gain clarity on areas that need attention and alignment to enhance your overall vitality and harmony.

Session 2: Wellness Wheel Deep Dive and Personalized Plan (Approx. 90 mins)

🔍 Wellness Wheel In-Depth Analysis: Immerse yourself in the comprehensive Wellness Wheel assessment. Gain profound insights into the various dimensions of your life, including body, mind, spirituality, relationships, career, finance, and purpose, revealing patterns and opportunities for growth.
💡 Personalized Holistic Plan: Based on the findings from your Ayurvedic assessment and Wellness Wheel, Dr. Mayssam Mounir will craft a personalized holistic plan. This plan encompasses dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, and actionable steps to enhance your well-being in every life dimension.

Session 3: Bonus: Follow up session (Approx. 20 mins)

🤝 Q&A and Clarifications: Engage in a Q&A session to ensure clarity and understanding of your personalized plan. Dr. Mayssam Mounir is committed to supporting you on your journey, providing guidance with compassion and expertise.

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Cancellation Policy:

  • Rescheduling: Free of charge if done 48 hours before your scheduled consultation date.
  • Same Day Cancellations: 50% fee will be applicable.
  • Missed or Last-Minute Cancellations: Full session’s fee is applicable.

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